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Must-Have American Shaman Products for Summer

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s lazy days spent lounging by the pool. Maybe you envision yourself on a vacation. Or maybe you envision yourself getting that big home project done. Whatever your goals are, CBD American Shaman has the tools to help make your summer a success.

Tinctures To Help You Stay On The Go

For many people, summer means constantly being on the go. Taking care of your body is important when you need to keep going and CBD American Shaman has the perfect tools to help with just that. Our Water Soluble Tinctures are a great way to give a boost to your overall daily routine.

Many individuals use tinctures to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. This kind of product can be consumed sublingually by placing the tincture directly beneath your tongue or by mixing the tincture into your favorite drink. Once consumed, the tincture creates an overall effect.

Tinctures impact each individual differently. Some may experience anti-inflammatory effects and others may experience effects like drowsiness and a decrease in stress. The versatility of flavors, serving sizes, and other factors have made CBD tinctures one of the most popular products on the market.

Coming in flavors like Cherry Limeade and Pina Colada, our tinctures are made for those beautiful, balmy summer days. However you choose to consume our tinctures, it is sure to give your summer a delicious boost!

Browse all of our flavors online or stop in-store today to try a free sample product!

Cloud Tincture 300

CBN for a good night’s sleep

Sometimes you need to go to bed early but falling asleep can seem impossible while it’s still light outside. CBD American Shaman may have the solution to your problems. We offer several CBN product options for consumers to choose from.

Research surrounding CBN has shown a potential to aid with sleep. According to Psychology Today, “There are indications that CBN is a powerful sedative. Research in mice has shown that CBN can prolong sleep time.”

Our CBNight gummies are an excellent choice for those new to CBN products. Derived from federally legal hemp grown in the United States, each bottle contains 60mg of broad spectrum CBN. These gummies are a tasty way to incorporate CBN into your daily (or nightly) routine.

CBNight Water Soluble Drops are also a great option for those looking for something to add to their favorite nighttime drink. Simply mix the desired serving size into your drink or apply directly beneath the tongue for more streamlined absorption into your system. Whichever way you decide to consume our CBN water soluble drops, you are sure to love it!

Shop for all of our CBN products online or stop by one of our convenient locations to pick up a free sample product!

Replenishing Face Cream to help complete your beauty routine

Everyone wants to look their best during summer and CBD American Shaman is here to help make your beauty routine complete! Our Replenishing Face Cream is the CBD topical every individual needs. Just a small amount is enough to start seeing a difference in your skincare routine.

One of the main reasons CBD is so popular is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, many individuals prefer to use it topically to target specific areas. According to an early 2019 study conducted by the Department of General Surgery and Surgical Specialties at the University of Modena, “Results showed that topical treatment with CBD-enriched ointment significantly improved the skin parameters, the symptoms and also the PASI index score.”

Come see for yourself why CBD American Shaman topicals are such a fan favorite. Shop online or stop by one of our convenient locations to pick up a free sample!

CBD Gummies For Those On The Go

Gummies are an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine without the hassle of measuring serving sizes. And when your daily CBD comes in tasty flavors that are easy to consume, it is sure to be the highlight of your day!

CBD American Shaman’s Gummies are a delicious fan favorite. With 10mg per gummy, it is an excellent choice for those both new and experienced with CBD products. One gummy is the ideal serving size for most individuals. Our gummies are low in sugar, terpene rich, and made with non-GMO hemp grown right here in the USA. It’s clear to see why this product is so popular with our customers!

While you can shop online, we encourage our customers to stop by our location in McKinney to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members. And when you stop by one of our stores, you can pick up a free sample product to try!

Your Summer Is Not Complete Without CBD American Shaman

No matter what your plans are for this summer, they cannot be complete without CBD American Shaman. From gummies to topicals and everything in between, you are sure to find your perfect match.

CBD is known to have many different uses and can be consumed in multiple different ways. Tinctures and gummies are easy and tasty ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Topicals are also popular due to their ability to be used in specific problem areas. 

CBN is also popular due to these reasons. Minor cannabinoids have taken a greater position in the spotlight in recent years due to an influx of biomass and research. Various products have appeared on store shelves to help address concerns CBD may not have an impact on. This has led to the rise of a niche segment of the market that has rapidly become a favorite with consumers around the world.

Not sure where to start? We encourage our customers to stop by one of our stores to receive one on one assistance and get any questions you may have answered. Our goal is to help each person who walks through our door find the products they need. Don’t forget your free sample when you stop by!