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CBD Topical Cream in McKinney, TX

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have rapidly grown in popularity since their inception due to their many health benefits. They affect the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which can influence most other biological systems. Because of CBD’s widespread reach within a human’s body, it can promote several positive health outcomes. Of course, most CBD stores carry the essential oils but, over time, manufacturers expanded their inventory to include other CBD-derived products. For example, many CBD retailers stock topical creams meant to soothe skin irritation and other pains on specific areas of the body. It’s a gentler alternative to most over-the-counter rash ointments though you should research each brand before buying a product.

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Because there’s no uniform manufacturing process, the quality of each brand’s final product can differ. However, if you’d like a product guaranteed to produce the best results, American Shaman CBD topical cream is the way to go.

CBD American Shaman of McKinney is one of the foremost CBD brands in the industry, with each product made to strict quality standards before shipping it to the customer. You can rest assured that you’re buying the best product possible when buying American Shaman CBD topicals.

As one of the most recognized names in the cannabinoid industry, CBD American Shaman is known for its dedication to quality hemp products. We make all of our items from highly concentrated CBD, extracted using pressurized CO2 to ensure our customers are getting the purest cannabinoids possible. In pursuit of that, we guarantee that our industrial hemp is gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% organic.

How Are CBD Topical Products Made

The lack of a standard manufacturing process in the cannabinoid industry results in every brand having a different method of creating their CBD products. The wide range of procedures can make it difficult for customers to determine which company’s goods will satisfy their needs best. However, there’s one important step in the cannabinoid manufacturing process that you should understand to determine quality: extraction. Extraction is the point in the creation process where companies siphon CBD oil from hemp plants. Several methods exist to accomplish this with differing levels of effectiveness. Generally, companies are looking to extract the oil with very few contaminants, hoping to get as close to 100% pure CBD as possible. Additionally, the extraction process is essential for removing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive drug in hemp and marijuana that causes a high. When purchasing CBD products, a good rule of thumb is the purer the oil, the better the product. The three most common extraction methods are steam distillation, solvent extraction, CO2 extraction.

Steam Extraction

Using steam distillation, the manufacturer places hemp plant materials into a large glass flask with an inlet and outlet. The inlet connects to a container full of boiling water, allowing steam to travel into the glass flask and separate the CBD from the hemp as oil vapors. The vapors then pass through the outlet and into a tube where manufacturers distill the water, leaving only the CBD extract. While the steam distillation method is inexpensive to perform and leaves no toxic residue, it’s not the most reliable method of extracting CBD. While not costing much, the steam method doesn’t provide CBD proportional to the effort needed to work it. And, the heat required to boil the water can damage the end product, resulting in inconsistent concentrations of cannabinol. It’s difficult to determine the effectiveness of individual products made with this extraction method.

Solvent Extraction

Using solvents to extract CBD is similar to steam distillation, except that instead of water, these methods use special solvents to separate the oil from the plant. Solvents have an advantage over steam distillation, promoting greater production efficiency; however, they also create new drawbacks. Hydrocarbon solvents can leave toxic residue in the CBD if not appropriately handled. The alternative, natural solvents, eliminate the toxic risk but increase the chance of chlorophyll being siphoned along with CBD, giving the end product a foul taste.

CO2 Extraction

The final method of extraction is likely the most effective. CO2 extraction involves two pressurized chambers, one holding CO2 and one holding hemp plants. The manufacturer pressurizes the carbon dioxide in the chamber, causing it to shift into a “supercritical” state where it has the properties of both a liquid and a gas. The pressurized CO2 moves into the hemp chamber, breaking down the plant to separate it from the CBD oil. It’s a safe and efficient process that allows for a much more reliable collection of pure CBD.

American Shaman CBD Topicals

CBD American Shaman is known for its dedication to quality hemp products. We make all of our items from highly concentrated CBD, extracted using pressurized CO2 to ensure our customers are getting the purest cannabinoids possible.

Due to our comprehensive manufacturing process, American Shaman’s topical creams are pricer than the competition’s. However, you’d be paying for innovations and effectiveness. We use nanotechnology to break down CBD molecules to the point where they become water-soluble.

Our topical cream’s unique mixture makes it around nine times more bioavailable than brands that use traditional oil-based solutions. That means that it absorbs into the skin and begins to work faster than other competing brands. The high-quality hemp and ultra-concentrated CBD used in creating it also boosts its overall effectiveness over the competition and ensures fast and efficient results, making it the best CBD topical cream in McKinney, TX.

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Why Choose CBD American Shaman of McKinney

Here at CBD American Shaman of McKinney, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing positive health outcomes to as many of our customers as possible. We honed our manufacturing process to extract only the purest CBD oil and strive to make our products accessible to anyone who needs them. Our Compassionate Care program discounts our CBD inventory to anyone with chronic conditions, military veterans, or low-income households.

Additionally, our expert team will gladly educate you on the various benefits of CBD and answer any questions about what makes our brand different. You can give us a call at (214) 592-8441 or send an email to You can also get in touch via our online contact form at any time.