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CBD American Shaman A Promise Of Excellence

CBD American Shaman takes pride in being US Hemp Authority Certified. But what does that exactly mean? Why does one certification matter so much? And how does a certification from the US Hemp Authority make CBD American Shaman any different from the other brands on the market?

Out of thousands of companies around the globe, CBD American Shaman stands out from the pack. Our record for transparency and quality are reflected in awards and certifications like the label given by the US Hemp Authority. Certifications like this are not easy to earn and maintain, but CBD American Shaman tackles the challenge to help prove to our customers why our products are some of the best on the market.

What is the US Hemp Authority?

The US Hemp Authority was established in 2016 by leaders in the Kentucky Hemp Industry Coalition. This organization was designed with the goal to establish standards of excellence in order to promote transparency and standardized quality within the hemp industry. The leadership of the US Hemp Authority boasts a diverse set of industry professionals, including researchers specializing in cannabinoid-based products, law enforcement, and agriculture.

Since then, twenty five companies have earned the US Hemp Authority seal, including CBD American Shaman. All US Hemp Authority Certified brands follow strict quality control measures including but not limited to:

  • Compliance with all state and federal laws
  • Completed training related to safety, hygiene, and personnel.
  • Soil and Water Management
  • Product storage, handling, and shipping after harvest.
  • Product Safety

All applicants are inspected yearly in order to renew their US Hemp Authority certification. Certifications can be pulled if a brand is found in violation of any certification requirements or federal or state regulations. Their demand for excellence ensures only the highest quality brands earn their seal of approval.

It’s safe to say earning a certification from the US Hemp Authority is no easy task. It marks a brand with a seal of excellence that helps them stand out from the competition. The rigorous demands to keep the certification ensure a brand retains the seal of excellence for as long as they are awarded the certification.

Why is a US Hemp Authority Certification a big deal?

Transparency and quality are two driving factors within the hemp industry. With so many different brands on the market, consumers need to know they can trust the product they are buying. Certifications like the one from the US Hemp Authority are a way to help set the quality brands apart from the fly by night companies.

At the time of this writing, there is a massive push for consumer education. Hemp products, whether it is CBD or another cannabinoid, are still new territory for many shoppers who may not know what product is right for them or even where to begin looking for a quality product. Consumer education is a valuable tool that builds trust between shoppers and brands.

Certifications like the one from the US Hemp Authority work in a similar way. By holding a standard for excellence and transparency, these kinds of certifications create a feeling of trust and quality in a brand. It shows consumers a brand is willing to hold itself to a higher standard than their competition.

It also shows a brand is compliant with all federal and state regulations. Over the past several years, new laws and regulations have helped shape the hemp industry. These regulations include testing requirements, regulation on what pest control measures can be used on hemp plants, and labeling requirements. Certifications help enforce a brand’s excellence in regulatory compliance and are a way to help go the extra mile for their customers.

How did we earn the US Hemp Authority Certification?

It all starts with determination.

All members of the CBD American Shaman family have a drive to help find each customer the perfect CBD match for their needs. This drive has created a determination for excellence that has placed us at the forefront of the hemp industry.

CBD American Shaman takes this responsibility as a leader in the hemp industry seriously. We have invested time and resources into rigorous quality control, testing, and employee training to ensure we are producing some of the best quality products on the market. This dedication to our customers has helped us earn the US Hemp Authority seal of approval.

From start to finish, all of the products produced by CBD American Shaman are designed with excellence in mind. We have brought in some of the foremost professionals in the hemp industry to help create and ensure the quality of our products. Check out some never before behind the scenes footage of the making and quality control of our CBD American Shaman products with our True Story series on the CBD American Shaman YouTube channel.

Where to buy CBD American Shaman products

When looking for a quality hemp product to add to your daily routine, look no further than CBD American Shaman. We offer a variety of product options for both those new and experienced with hemp products.

Whether it is topicals, edibles, or smokable hemp flower, we have something for everyone. No two individuals’ needs are alike, and our goal is to help find everyone who walks through our doors find their perfect match. This is why we carry multiple different products in varying scents, potencies, and sizes.

Shoppers can shop online for all of our products. Not sure where to start? Our staff of knowledgeable hemp specialists are here to help you along your CBD journey. Come on by any one of our locations in McKinney to chat one on one with our experienced CBD American Shaman staff members. And when you shop in-store with us, you can even pick up a complimentary CBD sample product!

The CBD American Shaman name is synonymous with excellence, and our US Hemp Authority certification is our promise to our customers to retain that reputation. Come on by and see for yourself why CBD American Shaman is leading the pack!